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Submission Guidelines

Print Submissions:

-Submit 4 to 12 (low-res) images

-Each print issue has a theme to follow
-Each editorial should have a minimum of two looks
    -Beauty Editorials; at least two make up/hair changes
    -Fashion Editorials; at least two wardrobe changes

-All editorials must be submitted with team credits

Webtorial Submissions:
-Submit 6 to 15 (low-res) images

-We also accept fashion stories/videos
-Webtorials are open themed
-There is no minimum look requirement for webtorials
-All webtorials must be submitted with team credits

General Guidelines:

We accept unpublished work ONLY

-unless otherwise noted -This includes social media

    We allow editorials that have shared behind the scenes and may requesT that you share those with us if accepted.

Please make sure spelling/grammar is correct in your titles/credits.

If selected for publication, it becomes final.


If your set is approved for publication you will be notified via email and we will then request the high-res images.

We will do our best to notify everyone of their submission status, however if you do not get a response within 2 weeks, we did not accept your submission.



send submissions to or visit our Kavyar

Those who are published will receive a free digital copy of their issue!

We do not Provide Print copies of the magazine, but they will be available for purchase on Mag Cloud.

Upon acceptance, We reserve the rights to crop images as needed to fit the layout of the magazine

We reserve the rights to pull/remove any editorials

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